the dream: part 3 the new kid

i went to school the next day, with the same half- asleep mannerisms, to see that some kid was talking to our teacher. from far away he had the perfect brown, slightly long, hair, slender body shape (not unusual for a guy our age) with some sort of muscular hint to him. I went directly to cammy. “dude, is that the new kid?” “yeappp” she said, “hes extremely hot, but idk, hes kind of weird” hmm.. i thought. something about this kid reminded me of some sort of memory, some sort of intrigue brought him to me, and i wasn sure what that was. It was definitely different though.

I went to my homeroom seat, to see that he sat infront of me. Hmm…. i wondered if hed ever turn around. He was kind of quiet, but what would you expect from a guy that walks into a class of crazy kids hes never met before. and i mean it, our class is crazyyy.

One of the main things i noticed right away was his smell. it was one of the most perfect scents i had ever smelled.

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