the dream: part 4 carter

it was sweet, but not too sweet, fresh, and clean. i dont know how those three different scents fit into one, but they definitely did on this kid.

when suddenly, i felt a something thrown at my back. it was blair trying to get my attention. ” dude, talk to him” she mouthed to me. so i tapped his shoulder to see him gracefully turn around ( however that is done) and i looked him in the eye. We kept eye contact, and it was impossible to break. i got weak in the knees, my heart started beating faster, and soon it seemed liek it stopped beating at all. IT WAS HIM ! the guy from my dream. i could tell by his eyes. ” hi” he said, smiling that same smile from my dreams. it was may i say again, perfect. “h-hi” i finally managed to get out. “I’m Carter” there was a slight pause, i was frozen. He began to chuckle a little bit. ” and your name is…?” “uhm.. my name is uh. Ammanda” he smiled again, boy that kid knew how to make my heart melt and i just met him. ” Thats a nice name” and then, he just turned back around.

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