the dream: part 5 STUPID& snack

STUPID , STUPID, STUPID . could i have reacted more dumb? he probably thought there was something wrong with me. mayn, im such an idiot. the class ended and i felt completely and utterly embarrased.

it was snack, another class period done.

we walked outside to our norma “spot”. where the rest of the girls in our class were sitting, all staring in the same direction. what were they staring at?

we walked over, with our normal, “heyy whats up?s”
to see them all staring at carter, ALL OF THEM . it was kind of hard not to cause he was amazingly wow. In a small catholic school, everyone knew everything about everyone. that was completely annoying at times, but you get used to it. everyone chatting about who had talked to him and who said hi first. classic girls. but everyone claimed that no matter how good looking he was, he was kind of dull. i on the other hand did not see that side, but im of course, the idiot that froze when he talked to her. HA! he looked our way, when suddenly everyone looked away, except me

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