our eyes met and he had me completely intrigued me once again. His green eyes made me melt. and then he looked away, starting to eat his food again. He wasnt very social, and didnt talk to many people. I was just one of the lucky ones, and i totally screwed up.

” What was thatt about?” cammy asked as i gained full feeling in my head again. ” what was what?” “ THAT !” and she pointed her finger to me, and then to him. “uhm, idk. nothing” “oh trust me” steph said, “that wasnt nothing”. it caused everyone to giggle. was it something?

It seemed i had sat next to carter, in most every class, we didnt talk much cause i was still completely embarrased, and he seemed to enjoy me fidgeting in my seat, trying to get comfortable. When he suddenly chuckled, not one of those annoying chuckles, but his own chuckle. “what are you laughing at?” i said, forgetting i actually said it out loud. crapppp. im screwed. hes gonna hate me even more. He looked at me again, “uhm, you incapability to sit still”

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