Black Panties

When I came to, the blond stood over me, smirking.
“Black panties suit you,” I said as I groaned to my feet. She traded her smirk for a snarl.
“You bastard.” She hissed, getting down to business.
“Look, Honey, a man like me will always look up your skirt, if you give him the chance.” I rescued my cigar from under her heel and re-lit it, shaking the match into her spent cosmopolitan.
I took a long pull on my cigar, buying time while I tried to gather my thoughts. I half remembered having a drink with this woman, and then everything went black. After that, all I remembered was wanting a t-bone from Louie’s. I looked the blond up and down, trying to scrape up some memories about our brief past. I got a good eyeful, but all I could figure was that the blond had drugged me. And the look on her face told me she had a damn good reason.

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