Little George the Boxer

Little George thought that he had accomplished a lot in his short life. He was only five years old and he had already scaled the tallest tree in town, biked no handed down the longest hill, and beaten up 14 of the kids in his class. Little George was an expert at beating people up. During his fantastic career as a school bully he had taken down Little Henandrez, Little Cory, Little Jesus, Tiny Tim, Petite Pedro, Minuscule Mike, and several unmentionable students whose names and faces have all just blended together in George’s head.

Despite popular belief by the towns’ folk, Little George does not beat the other children up because he is angry, or because they deserved it. He beats them up because he does not know anything else; it’s just what he is good at. Ever since he was 3 he could throw a three jab combination that rivaled that of the best boxers in the world. With a complete calm he would declare that he was going to beat up a class mate, and then proceed to do it with perfect composure.

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