High Flying Holly

Holly was clutching tightly to the letter ‘J’, or at least what she thought was the letter ‘J’. Through the haze of the foggy atmosphere surrounding her she could only faintly make out the shape of it. This ‘J’ she was grasping so diligently, for reasons she could not explain, was a blurry black at the curve and fuzzy silver up the trunk of it. Following the silver trunk with her eyes she encountered a strange looking thing attached to her ‘J’. It was a black cloth bowl of sorts, more of a basin actually, and it was upturned so that, if you were to put anything in it, it would not stay in. That is when Holly realized she was clutching an Umbrella.

As she drifted out from the cloud things become significantly less blurry and one poignant thought crept dutifully into her head as the scenery became clearer, and that thought was “Why is the ground so far away?”

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