One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.30

“His hands loosened and I grabbed his arm, pulling him over my head, he landed on the floor with a thud. I ran outside, James Solester, the kid who always did whatever he could to get a detention, he was smoking, lighter in hand. I rabbed it just as the Vampire came running outside. I lit it with some difficulty but finally a flame glowed to life, he growled taking a step back slowly. I advanced on him, quickly shoving it in his hair. He lit up like a Christmas tree, and then all that was left was a sweet smelling incense.â€?

I forced myself back into the present; his liquid eyes stared into mine, ice-cold fingers wiping away the tears. I looked down, and for the second time, when I looked up his face was inches from mine. His breath was on my face, cold and sweet, it made my head spin. “I’m sorry.â€? His voice was quiet, I closed my eyes, that was all it took his cold lips were on mine, his hand resting on my cheek.

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