To catch a fish

It came out louder than he had intended but it had the desired effect. The room fell silent. Actually, silent was too loud a word for the noiselessness that followed his shout. Marc opened his mouth to speak, hesitated, and closed his mouth again.
“Stan, did you just wake up or did you intend to make a valuable contribution to the discussion?”
“Fuck you Chris, I close my eyes when I sleep.”
“Ah, so at what point of the plan was your no directed?”
“The point where we go out the door and execute it.”
“And that is supposed to be helpful how?”
Adam stood up to make sure everybody could see his face. Hoping that everybody saw the concern for their wellbeing he was radiating.
“It’s never going to work. It’s too complicated and there are too many points of failure.”
“And you have a better idea? Besides, we’re talking about catching a fish here. It’s not as if we’re planning to steal the crown jewels.”
“Have you ever seen the fish on this planet?”

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