A Kiss is but a Kiss, A Lie is but to Die (Guardians Ep. 28)

“Th, that’s kind of moot until we deal with Ziliea,” Sylvia stammered.

“And Chaz,” I agreed. “And we’ll have no affect on either if we keep chatting.” Forming my hand into my most lethal weapon I walked forward. “Let’s get this over with, I owe that elven bitch an ass-kicking.”

Sylvia fell in behind me, and Pater, battle-experienced, slipped in behind her. I knew he’d protect our rear, all I had to do was avoid as many demons as I could. None of us would benefit from facing Ziliea tired and strained.

I needn’t have worried though, the charnel house which had been the palace, was full of squabbling demons. The lie we told Chaz had broken the last pieces of his control over the beasts and now, as is their nature, they fought and killed amongst themselves. Those few that dared to charge us were atomized with a mere thought.

Reaching the throne room doors I didn’t waste time in quiet surprise, I just blasted the gold inwards and walked in. To find Chaz and Ziliea before the God Pan, in a deep kiss .

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