When OTOC Dressed Up As A Guy

Okay, so the first question was, “Have you ever dressed dup as a member of the opposite gender for halloween?” I find this a rather interesting question, and why I do I will explain.

So I was over at my friend’s house, who we will call Morgan for security purposes. So Morgan and I were outside and this truck pulls up, and it’s for a cable service. So we had this idea: why don’t we throw stones for distance?

Grabbing a few rocks and stones and pebbles and such, we start throwing them into our neighbor’s yard. I, of course, won our game, but Morgan accidently threw one of our rocks at the truck and it made the slightest dent. Us being.. us, we ran back into her house.

Hurriedly, we screamed at her parents to not let any CableVision people in, and we ran upstairs to her room. Snatching a few of her book covers from the previous school year, 5th grade, we put them on as “Doo Rags” and threw on her football jerseys.

And thus, we dressed up as guys.
Also, for the occasion, we dropped our voices.

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