Hmm....What to do?

You drive me crazy. Better yet my feelings for you drive me crazy. I’ll just be sitting calmly in math and they’ll suddenly over power me. Its like someone turned the water on all the way in the sink of my mind and the bathroom is flooding. I’m drowning in them. I’ll just be sitting there and they’ll just hit me. You’re all I can think about. I wonder what you’re doing in history. I wonder how your weekend went. I wonder if you’ve decided what you want for your birthday. I hope you get a phone. At least then there’s a chance you’ll text me. Not that you would unless you needed help, but still. I wonder if you’ll ever realize I like you. If you’ll ever notice. I know that if you read this and figured it all out you’d probably freak out. You’d probably think that I’m completely insane and never want to talk to me again. Or would you? Would you think I’m crazy? Would you freak out? Or would it confirm a suspicion you’ve had? Does it have a chance of finally clueing you in? Is it worth letting you read?

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