I like quizzes but WHAT IS WITH YOUR OBSESSION WITH THE TRUMPET?!?!?!?! {New quiz by Insert Pen Name Here} The answers

1) Nopers… not that I know of…

2) Pretty sure I haven’t, unless you count the dead bugs on my window ledge…

3)YES I DO !!!! The Clarinet!

4)No, I just told you, it’s a CLARINET

5)I ALREADY TOLD YOU NO !!!! I PLAY CLARINET ! (Although that does sound fun… and oddly gross…)

6)Ummmm…. I ripped a picture of my bestfriend up when I was mad and then we got back to being besties again and she asked where the picture went…

7)Yes. It was gummy like , sour-ish, and coated with lots of SUGAR !!!! (sour gummy worms!!!!!!)

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