Squealing Baker

“Ungh!” I said it again as I bit the dirt.
The blond was tough. I had to give it to her.
But I couldn’t give it to her right then. She was busy giving it to me. She placed a prim knee between my shoulders as I lay face down on the checkered cafe floor.
A cafe? What cafe? Where the hell was I, anyway? Too many questions and all the answers had split for someplace where the sun shines and the tall blonds blow.
I felt her knee pushing the air out of my lungs as she grabbed a handful of hair and yanked my head back. I had to admit, it had been too long since I had been mistreated by a beautiful woman, but the ache in the pit of my belly said this one had gone too far.
I heard her million dollar teeth grinding in my ear. “You’re gonna tell me the password, Baker. You’re gonna tell me, or I’m gonna make you squeal.”

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