The Educated Soft Drink [Make Me Laugh Challenge]

“Where does a can of carbonated syrup go to college?” Zoe asked, matter of factly.

“Huh?” Micah asked, looking up from his laptop to meet her eyes.

“Well, it’s an important title. i’d like to think they’re not just throwing it around, you know.” continued Zoe.

Micah thought about it for a moment. “Maybe it’s honorary or something. Why?”

Zoe glared back, feigning a serious argument. “Why!?” she mocked. “Doctor is a title of distinction and learning. It’s a mark of dedication and service. What’s this little guy ever done besides fizzle?”

“Zoe.” Micah replied levelly, now sliding his laptop to one side. “Dr. Pepper is no mere drink. It’s got medicinal applications. You can use it on zits. It’s the principle ingredient in botox. Hell, it’s the holy water of liquid. Cures cancer in The Yukon, you know.”

“Ah, not like that uneducated swine, Pibb.” Zoe chuckled. “What a bum.”

Micah looked back to his screen. “Yeah…probably mooches his bubbles from Pepper.”

“Damn Mr. Pibb.” Zoe murmered.

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