The Anti-Zombie Coalition

“We need to find out who raised those zombies Dad.”

“I know sweetie.” Dad answered with a tired sigh.

“Any ideas?”

“Well, my first instinct is to say it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out the AZC .”

I frowned. “The Anti-Zombie Coalition? Really? I thought they were a fairly passive bunch. You know, smalltime. All talk.”

“Maybe they got some funding.” Liam chimed in as he passed by. He carried another body in his arms, a small woman I recognized as the checkout lady at my favorite grocery store. I had given her a flyer for the rally only that morning. I stared at her glazed, dull eyes as her head lolled against Liam’s chest and I felt the roil and rumble of anger begin to build up within me.

I watched as Liam gently laid her body next to an older man whose clothing was soaked in blood that was beginning to pool beneath him. Hot tears stabbed my eyes. I angrily wiped them away, determined not to lose it. Not now. Later I could grieve and mourn and self-flagellate.

Now was the time to make someone pay.

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