Stupid bunny won't start

Piggy was late. He was always late, but this time it was going to cost him his job, and he knew that. He knew the signs.
Not that he cared in the long run. It was a lousy job, just like the rest of them. He simply didn’t feel like looking for a job on a rainy week.

He rushed into the garage, and stared blankly at the place where his Jaguar usually parks. His wife took it again. Let’s hope she doesn’t scratch it.

Ok. He’ll have to settle for the bunny then. Bad luck again. She didn’t leave the keys to the bunny.

He desperately tried to remember, out all the useless things he’s learned at college, one of the only things he should have remembered: how to hot-wire a bunny.

“You’re getting rusty” piggy had to admit. 5 precious minutes already, and stupid bunny won’t start.

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