A Writer's Best Friend

Typewriter emulators were the rage these days. Any idiot could use a word processor. Cut and paste, backspace, shifting whole blocks of text around were for the faint hearted. It took a true genius to bash out a perfect story in one go without the use of delete, spell check or any other bells and whistles.

Underwrite 2.7 was the state of the art in archaeotech software. It lacked everything that modern programming had to offer but it’s rabid fan base considered this a feature, not a design flaw.

The interface was baroque and beautiful, with only one antiquated but exquisite font to type in. If one were to make a mistake, one could always backspace and XXXX out the offending word, or simply suck it up and keep going.

Edward preferred to work like this. Too many different options were distracting, leading to putzing around. But with this program, he had no choice but to plod onward through to the end.

It was this that finally allowed him to write his multiple award winning novel, Fire in the Dark.

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