Was it Really?

“While…you…were…” My mouth couldn’t seem to form the words. Her hand bruskly washed away her tears and she tried to cover them up with anger.

“How else would I’ve gotten into Hades’ kingdom? I couldn’t jsut be an angel like you and your buddy. In fact,” her anger disapeared for a moment and was replaced by a sudden thoughtfulness, “Where is your little buddy.”

“Wes,” I struggled to say his name. “Wes isn’t…here.” Her face lit up while I buried my own in my hands and sank to the floor.

“That’s great! So they only think we have two! We’ll still have an inside to Lucifer, at least. Hades and him are suddenly best buddies now so-”

“Don’t get your hopes up.”

My head lifted up at breakneck speed. Was it really…?

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