Tortoise with a Switchblade

The tortoise handled the switchblade with a dexterity Elliot never expected, the feel of cold steel slicing through flesh was one that Elliot could have gone a little while longer without experiencing again.

Stumbling away from the large shelled creature, Elliot grasped the blade of the switchblade from where it was sticking out of his leg and pulled it out. The blood flowed freely from the wound as Elliot clumsily swiped at the 3 foot tall creature, standing on it’s hind legs, it avoided the attack easily and rolled it’s eyes at Elliot.

“You’re the one who almost stepped on me, clumsy buffoon.”
The animals voice was low and confident. It pulled another short handled blade from the belt holding it’s kilt in place and pointed it at Elliot. “I consider us even, but if you persist in continuing this altercation I will be forced to wound you further.”

Elliot stepped back and narrowed his eyes at the animal
“I’m afraid I don’t consider almost stepping on you and getting stabbed in the leg to be nearly even.”

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