The First Time [Make Me Laugh Challenge]

Let me tell you something.

I was almost 6, my birthday was creeping up on me stoically, devouring my age and mental capacity one day at a time. I was swinging on my pet elephant’s trunk, enjoying the mixture of wind and the animals heavy breathing when my mother came out of the front of our cave with a stone tray in her hands.

The first thing I recognized on the tray was a pitcher of lemonade, brimming with sugar and lemony greatness. The dumping of lemonade over the elephant was a daily exercise and was something I looked foreword to with great anticipation.

It wasn’t till my Mother drew closer that I saw three of the brilliant snacks resting on the tray. I remember her handing me one to consume, after placing the round delight into my mouth my memory fades into pure white exhilarating light.

Those little monochromatic circular cookies have stolen a lot of my memories in such a manner, replacing events with the pure white light of incredible taste.

Sometimes I wish I had never heard the name ‘Oreo’.

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