Book of Carl

I wouldn’t say that I’m a prophet, but I have spoken to God. Nothing fancy, just a brief chat. It happened last wednesday, I was having lunch at The Oasis. I had the falafel; delicious and fun to say.

As I sat down with my meal, and right when I was about to take my first bite, I heard a voice.

“I am the Lord thy God”

I slowly looked down and there on side of the falafel ball on my fork was a face.

“Lord?” I squeaked.

“Carl,” the small face on the falafel continued, “you have been chosen. You have this chance to ask me one and only one question about life, the universe and everything. What do you ask?”

In hindsight I wish I had taken the time to come up with a better question. Y’know, ask him about human suffering, the meaning of life, anything really. But I dare you think clearly when blindsided by the Almighty.

Instead I came up with, “Why are you in my falafel?”

And then as quickly as it appeared, the image in my food disappeared. And as the image faded, a voice replied, “Fun to say.”

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