The Old Farm

No one visits the farm anymore. Not after the murders. They say the old man just snapped one day. He stood out in the fields a little too long one night and stared at the moon a little too long.

One his way back home he stopped by the shed and grabbed a hatchet. Then just started killing all of his animals. From what I hear it was gruesome. Blood was everywhere.

The neighbors say that they could hear the screaming of the animals. They heard the mooing here. Clucking over there. And the sheep sounded like they were everywhere.

When he finally finished, he took the axe to himself and ended the horror. But his ghost still roams the farm. Still moves through the corn stalks.

On quiet nights, when the moon is full you can still here him, calling to his animals, wanting to start the slaughter all over again. You can hear his call, “eieioooooo…...”

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