Play Dough Powers

Now we join our friends as they are dining by the water with their new friend, Eva. They seem to be getting along quite well.
“Do you have any super powers, Eva?” Sir G asks randomly.
Quinn says something with her mouth full of spaghetti.
“What’d she say?” Sir D asks.
“Gosh, Sir Damien! Can’t you speak girl-with-mouth-full-of-food?” Aurora says.
“Sorry, no. I missed that class,” he answers.
“I said…What kind of question is that?” Quinn clarifies.
“What does it matter? I just asked a question.” Sir G replies.
“Guys, chill!” Eva says. “As a matter of fact, I do have powers. I wouldn’t call them super, but…”
“What are they?”
“Well, I can open anything that’s locked, breathe fire during a full moon, and transform rocks into play dough.”
“Awesome!” Abella cries. “Play dough!”
“You should come with us on our excursion!” Sir S suggests.
“That could be fun!” Eva replies.
Well it appears that we have a new addition to our group of friends. It also appears that Abella had gone to find some rocks. Silly Abella.

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