The Object of her Desire

It was imposing, to admit what she needed. What bothered her was her desire for anonymity, to keep her distance from those who gave it to her.

The desire was dissimilar to how she had been before she had responsibilities. Now she simply wanted to experience her craving and escape cleanly.

She took a deep breath to clear her head. She had come this far; made arangements to be alone for as long as it would take to satisfy her longing… and yet she stood, her hand frozen halfway to the door’s handle; her decisions lined up on a chess board, her mind frantically trying to see the outcome of the game.

Perhaps now wasn’t the right time. The cold dampness of fear that she felt in every pore of her too-hot skin would certainly seem to indicate she was unready. She could come back, make the same arrangements for another time… or she could admit to herself right now that she would not try this stunt again.

She took a deep breath, made her decision…

As someone else opened the door.

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