No news

On this day there was no news. Everything was still as it was yesterday. No country had been invaded, no new troops had been deployed. No troop extraction was happening. No bombs had fallen and killed or maimed 10’000 people. No politicians had been assassinated, or even said something interesting or stupid. Nobody famous had died. Nobody non-famous had died. The neighbors were friendly to each other because all the dogs had been quiet during the night and even the cats all stayed at home and slept on their masters or mistress’ beds. There was no sport and there was no movement on the markets. There were no funny stories. Everybody behaved normally.

The news researcher’s lives where hell. They scrabbled to find even the tiniest bit of news. They questioned the military, the police, NASA , SETI, CIA , IRA, FBI and all the other acronyms they could think of. But all had one thing to say: “We have no news”!

The news presenters and anchors stared at each other and even the couch potatoes switched their TVs off.

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