Not The Same

It was Thursday afternoon around six o’clock. I just got home from work. It was still sunny outside and the temperature was a nice 65 degrees. I decided to go for a trip around the neighborhood.

I changed from my work suit to a more comfortable shorts and t-shirt. I went outside to my mailbox and started my trip on the sidewalk. I saw Mrs. Smith gardening like usual. Mr. Jones was mowing his lawn. Mrs. Davis was with her kids. Everything was the same as usual, but something felt different.

Mr. Jones said,”It is nice to finally have you back. I always liked seeing your smiling face on the sidewalk.”

“Thanks” I replied.

Something was different about his eyes. They weren’t focusing on my face like usual. It was as if something were peculiar about me.

Mrs. Smith said,”I hope everythings going well for you since the incident.”

“Yeah, its been fine, I suppose.” I said.

Then it hit me. It was my legs. They were all staring at my legs. Since I lost them that is all that anyone ever looks at.

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