Stick the Landing

“Those bastards! Come on now, that was just bush league,” Jen’s voice shook with anger.

I had certainly misjudged her. She was handling this whole mess like a seasoned henchmen. Henchwoman, I guess. Man, the business had changed.

“I interned for Dell back in ‘04 when they were developing the Obliterator Ray® and the Crimson Fist actually uprooted and air lifted away the production building with their floating fortress. Those guys had flare.” Her rage went on unabated.

“Aside from handing out style points for the people trying to kill us, we need to plan our next move, don’t you think?” I tried desperately to wrap my head around the situation.

“Well, the U.N. incursion surely set off a full data transfer so if we follow protocol we’ll have to report in to Site B.”

“That’s the one…”

“Inside Mount Kīlauea, yes.”

Someday someone will have to explain the fascination with secret volcano bases to me.

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