Nerves, bloody noses, and crying.

“So, what’s up?” My palms were sweating, my heart pounding, my eyes darting, my brain screaming ‘TARRA YOU LOSER ! THAT’S THE BEST THAT YOU CAN DO ?’

“Nothing much,” he replied cooly. he jammed his hands into his jeans. “You?”

“Same.” That’s it Tarra! Just sound calm. Inthroughthenose annnnd outthroughthemouth. It’s not that hard.

“You okay?”

“Uhhh… yeah.” That’s when my brain started to go into overload again. TARRA ! STOP ACTING LIKE A LOSER . YOU CAN ’T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE TO SAY ? “Why did you ask?”

“Your nose is bleeding.”

“Oh. Right.” I let out a nervous giggle. I sounded like a cross between a kindergarden girl and a bird. God, why now? Any other time would have been fine, but you had to make my nose bleed now?!

“Here.” Bobby grabbed a napkin off of his table.

I held it up to my nose. “Thanks. Well, see you around.” Before Bobby could even respond, I ran straight to the bathroom. I could feel the tears coming, and they were the last thing that I needed right now

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