The Dark Mage

Lost in the darkness of my own home, left to be murdered by the notorious Dark Mage. His eyes, red like fire; his skin, white as snow; his body, frail and weak; his strength, undeniable. He did not look well, but inside him was a man of health and invulnerability.

And I was going to be murdered by him.

The Dark Mage was rutheless, left by his parents at a young age, abandoned as a small child. His anger was fierce and his murders were quick. I had no choice but to stay in my home; his eyes could follow me everywhere I went, his image burned into my thoughts.

No one could help me, so I was left alone, helpless and frightened. I didn’t know what to do, to kill myself right then, or to be killed by him later. Inside I knew that I could not do the first choice, for he would know, then resurrect me and kill me himself. To die twice would be utter toture.

So I sat down, wandering endlessly in the abyss of my thoughts. Sooner or later he would arrive, hooded and unseen.

And I was going to be murdered by him.

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