Thoughts of a Sphinx

The Magistrates arrived, looking wary. Davin and the Vampire Magistrate, Richmal, were peaking out from behind them. Melisizwe, the Nymph Magistrate, was puffing and panting as usual, Terach, the Satyr Magistrate, was frowning slightly. I smiled as I read his thoughts.
Melisizwe should get more exercise, he’s useless in battle, he thought with annoyance.
Ranulf, the first Werewolf I had met here (he had recently become Magistrate after Thanatos… well, had an ‘accident’)
Akuji the Zombie was shuffling along, moaning as usual.The Sphinx gave me a small smile as we exchanged thoughts.
He is my brother.
And an Assassin.
I know.
What do you plan to do?
He is my brother, I cannot kill him, or be the cause of his death… but I can’t-
let him go free.
You must convince them to keep him in confinement, and to search for a cure to the Assassin Curse. That would, after all, be helpful at any rate
Yes, thank you for your wisdom.
You have it too
Her thoughts faded.

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