Bed Time Chat

football_37: only the best 4 the best, my dear

xxbeachbabexx: haha cute

football_37: :) thx

xxbeachbabexx: ur welcme =)

football_37: so whats it like by u?

xxbeachbabexx: sunny, as alwayz and lite out still. u?

football_37: hot, sexy, smokin’ ;)

xxbeachbabexx: i ment the weather silly

football_37: ah, typical arizona weather.

xxbeaxhbabexx: lol. i g2g sry the mother calls..

football_37: kk :( ttyl?

xxbeachbabexx: most deff. night-night

football_37: g’nite. c u in the am

xxbeachbabexx has signed off at 9:01:57 PM.

Orlando went to bed that night thinking of Lynde. California was to far away for him.. He’d change that eventually, but first he needed to get to know her better. He didn’t want to freak her out and lose her.

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