Binary Conversation

“You know, they’ve got a lot of nerve, in my opinion”

“Who has?”

“Them!” he said, pointing towards the android serving behind the bar.

“Oh, right. Them.” The other man paused to sip at his pint. “Why?”

His colleague looked scandalised. “What do you mean, ‘why’? They come over here-”

“-from Japan,”

“-from Japan, probably, not a penny to their names, and take all our jobs!”

“If they had a penny, would that help?”

“You’re missing the point. I remember when you’d walk into the pub, and have a conversation with a real barman.”

“Oh.” There was another pause. “He wanted to know if you were still wanting to join the darts team this year, incidentally.”

“Who was?”



“The barman. Wants to know-”

“-if I want to be on the darts team, yes. You said.”

“Was asking how your wife was, too.”

“I see. It’s only programmed to look like it’s showing an interest, you know.”

“He says there’s going to be a lock in tonight, if you fancy a couple after hours.”

Another long pause.

“Tell him yes.”

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