Jonas Part 39: Texting

3 hours and $700 dollars later, Amanda and I were totally set for graduation.. at least wardrobe wise.
Kat spent the entire time texting Charlie and giving Mandy dirty looks. Mandy and I pulled out our phones, and checked our messages. We both each had 4 missed alerts. 2 of her’s were from Nick J. The other 2 were from Charlie. 3 of mine were from Thomas. 1 was from Nick N.
‘Fr: Nickkk
Hey. what happened??’
‘Fr: Nickkk
Call me l8r.’
‘Fr: Charlie
hey goregeous’
‘Fr: Charlie
cant believe u left me alone with bushkid. :]’

We kind of panicked at the last message, but disregarded it. Charlie seemed to be getting less Amanda-obsessed.

‘Fr: Thomas
r u mad @ me??’
‘Fr: Thomas
What did i do
‘Fr: Thomas
Call me!!!’
‘Fr: BFFTDDUP (Nickk!)
PLZ MAKE UR BF SHUT UP . HE IS SO ANNOYING . btw- what happened? call.’

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