Jonas Part 40: Home. Finally.

Amanda texted Nick J.
‘To: Nickkk
Grad dresses. Its in 2 weeks. ttyl.’
and then Charlie
‘To: Charlie
? What is wrong with you?!’
I texted Thomas.
‘To: Thomas
I’m not mad. Grad dresses. Chill out. ttyl.’
And then Nick N.
‘To: BFFTDDUP (Nickk!)
ur mean. :P tell him its all good. aite? gracias.’

We decided to not meet up with the guys. Kat was a little less grumpy, thank god, so she didn’t insist on it. We had school tomorrow anyway. Joy.

The three of us went home, and got some sleep. Because, by the time we left the mall, it was already 10:00. And we haven’t been too well rested lately anyway.

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