Jonas Part 41: Normal?

Finally, we had school again. Normally, this would suck, but I guess we were all looking forward to something that could be considered normal.
In math, everyone in class was on the verge of falling asleep, when the door opened. Two angelic looking people stepped through the door. Thank the Lord that Kat goes to a different school, because she would have jumped into Charlie’s arms. And it was also a good thing that Nick N wasn’t in our math class, because he probably would have flipped when he saw Samantha. I think.
But Amanda looked completely freaked.
The nunja cleared her throat. (Okay, so she isn’t really like a nun/ninja, but she could be. She is a nun. And she is silent and fast like a ninja.)
“Class.” she addressed us, “We have two new students joining us. This is Charles Collen. And this,” she pulled Sam forward, “Is Samantha Collen.”
They both smiled sweetly. Everyone melted in their gaze, that is, except for me, Blair, Mandy, Miles, Steph, Carly, Thomas, and Christian.

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