Jonas Part 47: He's Here

Amanda screamed. She shreiked. The teachers thought she was being kidnapped or something.
Charlie put his hand over her mouth and gave them all a reassuring, beautiful smile. Even the teachers melted at that. They all went back into their classrooms. Amanda tried to bite his hand, but it hurt her teeth. With her mouth in pain, and all her confusion, she began to sob, again.
I guess Steph, Carly, and Blair realized that we had left, because they all came out of the bathroom and did a quick visual sweep over the yard. When they saw me and Amanda with Charlie, their eyes grew huge. They headed over to us, until Amanda and I gave them sharp looks. They headed back to the hill.
Charlie sat down next to Amanda and put his arm around her. “You okay, love?” he asked with a concerned tone.
Amanda was rubbing her jaw. “No.” she muttered, glaring at him before looking away. She gave me a pleading look, and, reluctantly, I began to try to make Charlie leave. I raised my hand to slap him.

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