Jonas Part 51: One Week

“Noticed that,” I said, lifting my gaze from her green eyes to glare at Charlie.
“Is it my fault I have abs of steel?” He conceitedly asked, laughing.
“Yeah,” Nick N said, stretching his twiggy, but sort of muscular, arms, “It is..”
He came over to my bed and sat next to Sam. They gently pulled the wires attached to my forehead off. The doctor came into the room.
He nodded at everyone, only captured for a moment by Sam’s extreme beauty.
“Excuse me,” he said to Nick N & Sam as he strode to my bed. For about two minutes, the room was uncomfortably quiet. The doctor checked my hands, then checked his charts. “Well, I believe your fainting was just a combination of slight blood loss and shock. You will be just fine, as long as you keep those splints on your hands for the next week. You seem to be healing extremely quickly for actually having a break in your fingers.”
“So does this mean she isn’t gonna have those.. things.. at graduation?” Blair asked Charlie.
“Uh.. yeah.” he answered. She smiled hugely at me.

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