Jonas Part 52: Celebration Time

“YAY! YOU WON ’T LOOK LIKE A FREAK !” She elatedly screamed as she left Joe’s grasp to jump on my bed.
“Yeh,” I said, “Thank God.”
“CELEBRATION TIME !” Joe yelled as he plugged my iPod into the iHome on the table. He scrolled through my songs as everyone got up, except me. Thomas came to stand by one side of my bed, and Nick N on the other. Nick J and Amanda went and stood by Joe, Charlie right behind them. Samantha took her spot on the other side of Nick N, and Blair sat on my legs.
The JoBro’s song ‘Just Friends’ filled the room. with Nick and Joe singing, and everyone else enjoying the private concert, I thought now might be a good time to finally make Nick N tell me what has been wrong with him, but the blasting lyrics began to pound into my mind…
‘Everyone knows its meant to be, fallin in love, just you and me. Til the end of time, til I’m on her mind, it’ll happen. I’ve been makin lots of plans, like a picket fence and a rose garden, I’ll just keep on dreamin. But its cool cuz we’re just friends..’

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