Jonas Part 53: Just Friends

I looked over at Charlie, who was whispering something to Mandy. I, being right next to them, couldn’t hear. But Nick J was getting mad that Charlie, the guy who just caused a girl to go to the hospital, was freakishly beautiful, and had previously attempted to kidnap Amanda, was that close to her. I couldn’t make sense of a single thing he was saying, so I tried to disregard it. I turned away from that side of my bed to face the other. Samantha had pulled one of the chairs to my bedside, and she and Nick N were sitting in it, her being the one farther away from me. I looked at Nick N. “Will you tell me now?” I asked, knowing he would recall what I was referring to. He nodded his head no, and then jerked his head in Samantha’s direction. I pouted, and he shook no again. At the last line of the song, everyone sang, except for me. Nick N looked me in the eyes, and, said rather than sang, “When we used to be just friends.”
I was CONFUSED , and I showed that in the look I gave him. He just smiled and turned away.

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