Jonas Part 57: Ultimate Ultimatum

Leave it to Miles to make everyone happy again. Jordella playfully shoved Danny into the creepy gnome-ish statue. “Give Grammy a kiss,” she teased. He turned and grabbed her waist, and they fell onto the couch laughing. Things were going back to the way they were supposed to be.. at least a little bit. But, for me, Amanda, and Blair, the standards of normality were quickly changing.
They were both going out with JoBros, and Amanda had a guy, who might just be a vampire, who is sometimes madly in love with her. And my guy best friend suddenly became ‘temporarily’ undepressed and is now seemingly after a girl who might be a vampire.

Our only constant, normal-ish things were our day to day school lives, and eachother. But now we were graduating, and Amanda was probably going to be going to a different highschool then the rest of us. There goes any consistency in our lives.

But it all kinda comes down to an ultimatum:
Love and confusion or consistency and brokenhearted-ness?

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