Onward to Snickleforgabomshilifondo!

Well it has been a few days, and now it is time for our friends to leave this land and continue on their journey to Snickleforgabomshilifondo. They, along with ,Eva, saddle up the horses and begin the journey.
“What exactly is your mission?” Eva asks.
“Some stupid prince wants to marry me because he wants our Lucky Charm fortune,” Aurora answers.
“So you must be the queens form the land of I Don’t Know!” she replies.
“That’s us,” Quinn says, “and those knights killed our guard so we’re making them fix our problem.”
“Oh, I see.”
They continue in silence for a few moment. Then Eva asks, “Where’d Bob come from?”
Sir D sighs, “Some girl made us take him with us.”
“I don’t think he’s ever going to leave you, Sir D,” says Abella. She pulls out some play dough from her bag and plays with it.
“Well this sounds like this is quite the adventure,” Eva remarks.
Yes, this is quite the adventure, and it is only going to get more complicated from here on out. Will the 3 convince the prince? Only time will tell.

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