The Calm Before the War

Walking through the crowded train station I could see families bidding good byes to their loved ones.These were brave people, and not just the soldiers either it’s their families as well.

“All troops Front and center!” I waited for them to assemble, “I’d like each of you to take a good look at the person next to you, because come tomorrow they may not be there any more. Dismissed!” The clock just struck 1:00 & it was time to go.

Me and 250 soldiers boarded the trains to the unknown. As the train pulled away the crowd cheered. That is one thing I don’t under stand, why would they cheer as we go to what will probably be our death?

After an hour or so every one was settled. And we were nearing our destination but first we had to head through a small town. When I saw the town out in the distance I walked to the engine room to tell the engineer to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. But when I slid open the door he wasn’t there just a quietly beeping piece of plastic.

“Every one get dow!”

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