Slowly, he turns on the computer and powers up the internet browser. Checking to make sure no one is watching, he stealthily opens the small favorites window from the bottom of the screen. He selects a small icon and a smile splits his face as he hears the computer whir and process his request.

He checks one last time to make sure no one is watching as the window pops up. He smiles again as his sanctuary appears on the screen and continues to load stories and graphics. Ficlets is pasted in large black letters across the screen as he browses through hundreds of stories.

He reads on late into the night, and even early into the morning, relishing his perceived connection with people he will never meet, never see. He writes a few of his own stories, seeking acceptance in this online kingdom. He laughs along with stories and cries along with others as the people speak to him from the other side of the computer screen, and deep inside, he feels accepted.

He feels home.

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