Clouds of Doubt (200something challenge)

I am that feeling you get when things are too quiet

You wonder if some thing is beyond that door

You hear the creak in the floor board and the whoosh of the wind when I am near

You see ghosts, ghouls and monsters when you close your eyes and go to sleep

I am your fears at the back of your head
You pretend that is nothing there

You feel the hot steam down the back of your neck

You touch the medium that wasn’t there before

You worry about what you said last night

You cry for the things you’ll never hear, see, understand, know

I am the wisp of doubt you keep for every one you meet

You understand you are not a perfect person

You say that nothing is wrong

You dream that you may have a happily ever after

You try to live a happy life yet it eludes you

You hope for things to turn out right

I am a dark cloud hovering over each individual waiting for some one to bring back the light

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