When the TV movie cut to commercial, Danny returned to the bowl of candy. “This movie is boring,” he said around a mouthful of sour worms.

“What do you mean?” asked Pete. “I thought you said you love cheesy horror movies.”

“I do,” Danny replied, “But all we’ve seen is two guys in a room talking about what they’ve seen.”

“Oh come on, it’s Were-bie-pire!” said Pete.

“Any soda left?” Danny asked as he headed for the kitchen.

“Yeah, but hurry up before you miss anything,” Pete called as he checked his watch.

Danny returned with a cola and plopped onto the couch. The First Annual Bad Horror Movie Halloween Extravaganza wasn’t exactly meeting his expectations.

A miracle weight loss ad over, the movie continued. After about 30 seconds though, the picture cut to static, the whine of white noise flooding the room.

“Well that sucks,” feigned Danny, “Guess we’ll have to watch … Pete, are you ok?”

Pete’s eyes hadn’t left the TV. Slowly he turned his head toward Danny.

They’re here.

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