Pyramids! As in Egypt, Not Geometry

“There it is!”
It was so terribly hot, and so terribly exhausting…this journey was. My buddy, Scott ,and I have been riding through these sandy deserts for days now without any sign of what we were looking for.
Then, finally, there it was. The pyramids. But not just any pyramids…these were filled with undiscovered treasure! At least, that’s what Scott has led me to believe.
“Are you sure those are the pyramids?” I asked.
“Yeah, they’re triangular aren’t they?”
“Well no duh! I mean are those the specific pyramids that have the treasure we’re looking for?”
“I’m 99.9 percent sure,” he answered. He kicked his horse in the side and began galloping off towards the pyramids.
“Come on!” he shouted.
So I followed him. As I would soon find out, that was not such a great idea. For ahead of me in that pharaoh’s tomb, lay a world full a mysteries and danger. Yes, lots of danger.

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