Never Explain's 'I am' [200something CHALLENGE]

I am Tom, but that is just my name. Who am I? well, I’m not sure. Let’s find out by starting with my likes and dislikes, I guess

I like food, but who doesn’t?

I HATE advertising!

I like natural things, like trees, animals, and clouds

I sometimes wish I could parallel park a wheelchair

I think the world would be a better place if things that are considered inappropriate to younger people are considered common knowledge

I am not saying that for my own gain, but if you really think about it, it can be a good thing

I love animation, it’s a beautiful thing because in animation, anything is possible

I like instrumental music, I think that it leaves creative space for the listener

I like writing, because, like animation, in writing, anything can happen

I think that the world is a rotten place and that, as humans it is in our nature to destroy each other. It’s a negative outlook, but it is what it is.

I am….I’m still not sure

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