Hate this.

I paced my large, luxurious room that I had at the palace, secret and compliments of that. I stopped for a second and scribbled in a notebook how we might find Joshua and where me might be.

Knowing his spoiled self, he’s headed straight to the mountains, his head filled with dreams of a peaceful home. We’ve gotta get him fast, I thought. My men wouldn’t be daring enough to venture into the mountains. They’re all deathly afraid of Andendia’s border guards. Stupid Joshua’s gonna walk right into them if we don’t catch him.

I sighed, hating this. Hating the fact that the most interesting member has run off. Hating that I still work for Adelio. Hating the fact that Emmah is catching on and I’ll be out of work soon. Hating.. life itself.

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