Diary of Hanna M.E. Banks (New series)

Beauty, the one word that describes everything about our village, our street our home. In my village everything was so complete, everyone knew everyone’s name, their style, their way of life.

In the city, people crash onto eachother and don’t even bother to help them up, say sorry. When they do say sorry, it is mumbled.

How, with my polite British self, am I supposed to live amongst these crazy, rude, people with the stupid accents?

Whoops! I should probably introduce myself. My name is Hanna Mary Elizabeth Banks. I am fourteen years old and am moving to the city, on a different continent. Far away from my friends, my home and civilization as I know it.

I am going to keep this diary because, maybe, just maybe, when I grow up and I love the city I will realize that along the way, people’s opinions do change. Maybe!

Your truly,
Hanna M. E. Banks

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